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iGu Transtrade Ltd - Company Profile

Capability creates new benchmarks for insect control.
Established 28 years ago in Germany, iGu® Corporation for Environment Protection Appliances, today offers the most comprehensive range of
A-region ultraviolet-light equipment for combating injurious and bothersome flying insects.

The insect control devices known by the brand names KATLAN, NIPPAN® and iGu® exploit the attraction exerted on certain species of insects by ultraviolet light in the 365-nanometer range.

The company, based now in New Zealand after 22 years in Germany and Switzerland, and its marketing and distributor SILVA GmbH in Lübeck, Germany and transtronic AG Switzerland is represented with their products on all European markets as well as in the Australasian markets, Africa, the Middle East and China the latter by Hitron Ltd. Hong Kong. The product portfolio encompasses devices for private, commercial and industrial use. In addition, co-operative efforts with individual industrial enterprises generate targeted solutions to specific problems.

iGu® products are manufactured in Switzerland, Spain, China/Hong Kong and New Zealand. R+D, research and development, is situated in Christchurch New Zealand, in co-operation with Universities and Entomological institutions.


E-mail: iguflytrap@gmail.com


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