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How does the iGu Fangreflektor System work?

iGu FANGREFLEKTOR 3003 - the reliable flytrap for domestic use - Click to enlargeAn adhesive foil traps flies and other winged insects attracted by region-A ultraviolet light in the 365 nm range. Region-A ultraviolet light in this wavelength range is completely harmless for humans and pets.

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The iGu® FANGREFLEKTOR® catches the dangerous bacteria loaded houseflies and numerous bothersome species of midge. At the time of the year when wasps are making a real nuisance of themselves the flytrap comes into its own, turning in an outstanding performance. iGu FANGREFLEKTOR 4004 - for tough assignments on commercial premises - Click to enlarge

They do all this non-toxic, silent and odourless thanks to easy-to-change adhesive foils, which brightly reflect the region-A ultraviolet light emitted by special-purpose luminescent strip lamps. Both foil and adhesive are non-toxic and their disposal creates no pollution. Thanks to its low power consumption, the devices can be used inexpensively around the clock.

iGu FANGREFLEKTOR 8008 - for industrial use - Click to enlargeThe functional designs created by Jürgen Greubel Industrial Design VDID and Horst Engelbrecht blend in well with any kind of furnishing in homes, commercial and industrial environments. The iGu® FANGREFLEKTOR® 3003 was rewarded with iF AWARD of Industrie Forum Design Hannover

Salient features

  • Silent operation - Important for use in such places as hospitals, hotels or stables.
  • Odourless - Contrary to High-voltage devices producing burning smells in addition to sparking noises.
  • Non-toxic - No insecticides are needed.
  • User-friendly - Handling is straightforward without touching the adhesive; the remains of dead insects do not dirty the device.
  • Environmentally friendly - Foils are biodegradable

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