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iGu Fangreflektor 3003 for Private Homes

The iGu® FANGREFLEKTOR® 3003 for private homes, catches the dangerous bacteria-loaded houseflies, wasps and numerous bothersome species of midge.

iGu® FANGREFLEKTOR® 3003 - Prizewinner "Industrie Forum Design Hannover" bearing Germany's prestigious "Blue Angel" environmental emblem.

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iGu Fangreflektor 3003 for private homes - Click to enlargeOne foil can trap up to 1,000 flies. Both foil and adhesive are nontoxic and their disposal creates no pollution. Thanks to its low power consumption of just 13 Watt, the device can be used inexpensively around the clock.
The flytrap blends in well with any style of home furnishing - Click to enlarge
The simple yet elegant design created by Jürgen Greubel Industrial Design VDID blends in well with any style of home furnishing.

Constructed of high-quality plastic, the unit is designed for a long service life. It is maintenance-free, and changing the used" Flytrap foils takes no more than one minute.

Salient features

  • Silent Operation - Important for use bedrooms.
  • Odorless
  • Nontoxic - No insecticides are needed.
  • User-friendly
  • Handling is straightforward without touching the adhesive; the remains of dead insects do not dirty the device.

The fly-catching performance is on a par or even better than conventional large-size professional facilities employing high-voltage grids.

Additional reflection in front of a bright wall - Click to enlargeWhere can the iGu® FANGREFLEKTOR® 3003 be set up?
The Flytrap can be put to effective use wherever houseflies, wasps and other stinging winged insects make their nasty presence felt or even represent a health hazard. The flytrap is so well designed that even when seen from this back perspective it still has eye-appeal.

In the Kitchen
Here it is recommendable to place the flytrap in a clearly visible spot that is not directly exposed to bright sunshine.

In the living room, dining room and office in children's and parent's bedrooms. In the winter garden, sun parlor and green house

Technical description:

  • Mains input 230 V/50 Hz, 240 V/50 Hz, 120 V/60 Hz 100 V/50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption 13 - 18 W
  • Watt Measurements: B 20 cm / H 27 cm / T 12 cm w 8 in. / h 10,5 in. / d 5 in Patents DBP 3840440 USA 4.117.624

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