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Food Hygiene

Flies and wasps are a threat to food hygiene.
Targeted control is vital.

Pests that are injurious to hygiene are a twofold nuisance for the foodstuffs sector.

Good hygiene is vital to all branches of the food industryAll branches of industry engaged in the manufacture, treatment or sale of food have to keep their premises free from pests. At the same time, however, pest control itself is subject to strict regulations.

Under the relevant food legislation and hygiene ordinances of the individual states in the Federal Republic of Germany, for example, companies are obliged to ensure that neither pests nor pest control affect foodstuffs in such a way as to endanger health or present a repulsive sight. In carrying out control measures extreme care has to be taken to ensure that the agents used do not come into contact with food either directly or indirectly, e.g. via equipment or counters.

Insecticides with numerous disadvantages
Given the need to comply with such regulations, insecticides used in sprays or evaporators are naturally unsuitable for combating flies, wasps and other injurious flying insects on commercial premises. Their use requires expert knowledge about the admissibility and handling of individual agents. What is more, before the pest control measures are carried out, all foodstuffs have to be removed from the rooms or covered up to prevent contamination. A further disadvantage is the uncertainty surrounding the whereabouts of the dead insects. Until all the dead flies have been collected there remains a risk of the premises presenting a repulsive sight. In addition, one generation of insects is rapidly followed by another and as a result resistance to a specific insecticide can very quickly be developed. In the case of injurious flying insects, which call for on-going control measures, the effort and expense involved becomes so great that it is no longer in proportion with the benefit that is to be attained.

But electrical trap devices employing high-voltage grids for destroying flying insects also have their disadvantages: apart from "zapping" noises, they also cause unpleasant burning smells. Moreover, the smaller cylindrical units offer only limited effectiveness against wasps and flies; they may even be totally ineffective if they use too weak a voltage in the grid. With large-size industrial devices it cannot be ruled out that the powerful spark created when electrocuting bugs will cause insect particles to be hurled beyond the catching bowl attached to the unit, thus contaminating the premises or foodstuffs.

Federal health agency advocates insecticide-free alternatives
Since 1985 Germany's federal environmental agency has promoted insecticide-free pest control by awarding its own environmental emblem. In spite of their acknowledged effectiveness such means of control still account for relatively small market shares. In 1988 the federal health agency also spoke out in favour of chemical agents being replaced by "mechanical defence and physical control mechanisms" as these impose less of an environmental burden and often remain effective longer.

Apart from fly screens as a defence measure, adhesive strips and electric flytraps, branded FANGREFLEKTOR® FR 3003, FR 4004 OMEGA, FR 8008, FR 8008 G, FR 8008GE, FR 8008 Ex from iGu Corporation are recommendable for use in the food and catering sector and in food factories, as witness the environmental emblem which the FR 3003 as generic term bearer for the fangreflektorsystem bears.

The iGu Flytrap FANGREFLEKTOR®S in particular offer not only an outstanding performance capability verified by independent institutes but other key advantages as well: they operate completely noiselessly and odourlessly and are easy to use. Their functional designs enable them to be placed such that the utmost performance to fulfill highest demands in hygiene can be achieved by means of the attracting ultraviolet light and the securely trapping adhesive foils. Staff can work in a hygienically clean environment and are also protected from dangerous stings during the wasp "season" and products are safe from any dangerous contamination.


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